9 Mei 2010

781,600 links percuma dengan menggunakan binarytraffic.com

Do you want lots of web traffic? Then you better read this!
We can make web sites with tons of traffic and hits, we have sites with #1 positions on Google (TM), we have many domains names and generate several million dollars a year from web based businesses. We even know what your thinking! You think we are arrogant. Well we don't care, we know how to make sites big on the interent and if you want to be a sucess too then we can help. In business it is all about money and the first rule for web business is: Web traffic = Money

konfiden ja wat statement we have sites with #1 positions on Google (TM)Smiley
kalu la betul, fofular la blog kamu.hehee..

cer cuba klik di Link xchange pada page ni.hehee

So what do we provide?

The key to a busy web site is simply link exchanges. But if you have ever tried it
takes ages and it is the dullest thing you can ever do! We have designed the ultimate link exchange system, you add 3 lines of HTML to your site and the rest is automatic! Yes, that's it. Just add 3 lines and do nothing else.

a'ahh betul tu.
HTML 3 line ja tapi benda tu amik ruang yang boleh tahan besar.hehee
berani berkorban x?

So how does it work?
Apart from working very well! You add the link system to your page. When someone new joins the system via yours then your link is added to their page. Got that? So, if 100 people join from your system then you will have 100 links! Now, if someone new joins from the person who joined via you then you get a link on their system also. So now you have 101 systems that can provide you new links. This whole process repeats 100 times. So for 100 people joining you and 100 joining others you have, (100 + 99 + 98 + 97 etc ) x 100. This equals 781600 links!

betul kot total yang dia tulis, malas nak kira la..
saper² nak cuba² boleh klik kat bawah

simieY telah keluarkan binarytraffic.com dari blog ni sebab xberapa menarik la.hehee..


  1. owh... macam menarik... aper kelemahan dier ek? aku tak paham sgt.. takut kang loading blog slow lak ke..

    tp kalu script jer.. xda masalah aku rase..ruang jer la ek, mcm kat bawah ni.

  2. kelemahan dia nak kena peruntukkan satu ruang yang besar.huhuu

    nanti xcantik lak layout kalu xkena cara pasang.hehee

  3. Datowannabe

    binary... macm MLM jugak, hahahaha.. Tq bos...
    meta tag jangan lupa pasang bos


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