21 Mei 2010

cara block spam email pada Yahoo! mail

ape perasaan anda bila sign in ja email..
penuh inbox dengan email² sampah yang anda tak mahu baca.
kadang² rasa menyampah nak sign in email kan.keh³

kalau kumpul² semua email bawa keluar, mahu penuh satu bilik

simieY dah guna akaun email yang sama dari 31-Jul-2000 sampai sekarang
agak² dah satu lori sampah dapat email spam.hahaa..
hari ni baru tergerak hati nak berkongsi cara untuk setting block spam email.
selamat mencuba!!~

contoh email dari luar negara:
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contoh email dari dalam negara:
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Yahoo Classic

Log on to your Yahoo account, as you usually would 
Note: on the left of your screen, there should be a folder/button saying 'Spam'. Click on it.

Click the, "Edit Settings" button, once you are there.
Choice of settings to 
Choice of settings to alter
Turn on the SpamGuard.
This is the first thing you'll be asked to do. You will need to do that.

Understand that the next part is a choice that you need to make.
You can automatically delete all things that Yahoo considers, which can cause you to delete a lot of things that you don't want to be deleted, or you can select the second one.
It will keep the emails in the bulk folder and allow you the opportunity to periodically check and make sure some mail hasn't gone to the wrong place.

Note that the third part of that screen is about images.
The sad part about e-mail is that spammers can use it to track you. The way they do that is to have an image (or images) in the e-mail that they send to 'reach out' to their server for the image. It is a good idea to select no images for that reason. Again, it is a choice you make.

Click save, as it will take you to a screen that will tell you what you have saved.

Options chosen from 
Options chosen from Spamguard

Yahoo Mail

Remember the newer version of Yahoo mail is more along the lines of Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or whatever program you may use.  

Look on the right hand of the screen, towards the top, and you will see a link labeled 'Options'. When you click on that, a drop down menu will appear and you will see several choices. Select More Options.

Yahoo options

Click on 'Spam,' on the right side of the screen, and then your choices will be similar to the ones you had in Yahoo classic, with the exception of having the 500 email addresses that you can block.
If you want more than that, and it is highly possible that you will, you will have to upgrade to Mail Plus which you can get for the LOW, LOW price of 19.99 a year.

Click on save changes, once done, then you can go back to Mail or your inbox, or whatever else you may need to do.
You will find that it saves you a lot of hassle of going through hundreds of emails everyday, and if you have been on the Internet for more than a few years, you are getting a lot of spam.


  • You will probably want to periodically go through your spam and your bulk folder to make sure that nothing was accidentally diverted there.
  • When you get your email, you can click on the box beside them, then press the spam button towards the top of your screen.  
  • Doing this will start to build up what YOU think of as spam, as well as what Yahoo has already determined to be spam.
  • This allows you to get rid of items that you KNOW to be spam without opening them. Sometimes, the mere fact of opening a bad email can cause you problems.
sumber asal : http://www.wikihow.com/Block-Spam-on-Yahoo!-Mail


  1. tq untuk tips ini.. nak cuba sedaya upaya.. sebab menyampah tengok spam menimbun2... sampai berpinau cari emel yang penting. uhuhu

  2. eh!! betul lah simiey...sis pon naik nyampah nak bukak email ..penoh ngan sampah!! huhuh

  3. harap² tips ni menjadi ;)


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