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Don't be fooled by FAKE M2U! Never click on e-mail links
Security Alert (23/5/2008)

Do you receive a lot of spammed e-mail from people you don't know? You may have also received e-mail supposedly from Maybank requesting you to click on a new URL and enter your Username and Password to upgrade or update the security of your accounts.

Don't be fooled if you receive such e-mail or SMS messages. It is intended to "phish" your personal ID and banking information. If you login and provide your personal information, you may soon discover that you are the victim of a financial scam and faced with loss of your hard-earned savings.

Our URL is and you should be suspicious of any e-mail that informs you otherwise. Maybank will never send out e-mail or SMS requesting customers to provide personal banking ID or PIN or credit card information. We advise customers NOT to log on to any website links contained in e-mail.

If you suspect that you have been tricked into giving your ID and Password at a fake web site, change your password immediately by directly logging in through You should also report the phishing web site or e-mail.

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