22 Jul 2010

model baru sirion di Indonesia sebijik macam Myvi!!~

mungkin cerita lama tapi baru ku tahu =)
dengan yakinnya meng'agak' ramai yang masih belum tahu :p

Here is something amusing. While some Perodua Myvi owners in Malaysia have been visiting the bodykit shops with plans to convert their Perodua Myvi to it’s JDM Daihatsu Boon/Toyota Passo look, Daihatsu has decided that the Daihatsu Sirion it sells in Indonesia will use the Perodua Myvi’s styling!

It looks pretty much exactly the same as our Myvi like it’s curvier headlamps, front and rear bumper, rear numberplate location, as well as LED tail lamps. Even the interior uses the Myvi’s interior, with the shifter positioned conventionally in the middle of the two front seats instead of mounted on the steering column like the Boon and Passo.

Visit PT Astra Daihatsu Motor’s Daihatsu Sirion microsite.
And the price?
RM38k after conversion.

korang banding²kan sendiri dan cuba cari mana satu model Myvi? =)


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