21 Jan 2012

Peluang dapat 250,000,000 pelawat ke website/blog hanya dengan lawati 10 website

Pelbagai usaha mungkin telah dicuba untuk mendapatkan trafik pelawat. Blogwalking dan link exchange mungkin praktis yang dah biasa kita dengari. Terdapat satu cara yang paling mudah untuk mendapatkan pelawat ke website/blog ingin simieY kongsikan dengan kamu semua.

Perkhidmatan percuma ini disediakan oleh websiteFree Viral Traffic dan apa yang kita perlu lakukan hanya view 10 website.

Senang kan?
Semoga berjaya!!~

simieY pernah buat 2 entri berkaitan backlink, mungkin anda juga mahu mencuba.hehee..

1- 781,600 links percuma dengan menggunakan binarytraffic.com
2- 6,103,515,625 backlink ke blog anda hanya dengan buat satu entri

FREE 250,000,000 Visitors to your website.

Better than a traffic exchange, a traffic builder!

Imagine the potential sales you could make with that free traffic!

All you have to do is signup and go...


When you signup, you are presented 10 websites for a period of 30 seconds each. Some might say: "is too long..." Wrong ! We want to send you real interested traffic, traffic that converts to sales, so, what you do is what you get! Be honest to the people who owns these 10 websites and your visitors will be honest with you. That means, take your time to sneak around each site. Serioulsly read what the site is all about, buy a product... Once you will be completed with this step, we will give you a unique URL. A real .html page that we will index in 1,000s of search engines and directories. Send people to your page (without spam of course). They will help you build your traffic. You can login to check your stats or change your URL as necessary. The results are guaranteed! Just try now, it's free!

Sponsored by: simieY

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Here's a screen shot of one of our member's traffic overview... no comment!


This site ends for me the five years fight to find a way to create a list - I get the list I always wanted - and believe me, before it is all over, every active marketer will want to belong to this site.

And thanks again.


simieY: ape la sangat setakat view 10 website ja kan.hehee..


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