12 Jul 2020

Malaysia Government send back 19000 Covid-free undocumented migrants

The term "illegal", when applied to "migration" and "migrant", has been replaced in recent years by "irregular" and "undocumented"[1] on the grounds that "illegal" is inaccurate, degrading, and prejudicial.[2][3] Key institutions have adopted the new terms: the UN General Assembly (1975), the International Labour Organization (2004), the European Parliament (2009), and the Associated Press (2013)[2] and other US news agencies.[3]

The new terms are rarely used in official and academic discourse in Malaysia, where the popular term is "illegal immigrant".[4] The term "illegals", elsewhere perceived as outdated and pejorative,[5] is regularly used in Malaysian media.[6]

The terminology is also obscure because Malaysian law (Immigration Act 1959/63) does not distinguish between undocumented economic migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and trafficked people; all are designated as illegal immigrants.[7] The term "illegal immigrant" designates a variety of groups who are all liable to arrest, detention and deportation for immigration offences:[4][7][8]
  • People who enter clandestinely, without travel authorisation
  • Children born to immigrants whose births have not been registered
  • Those seeking asylum, refugees, and trafficked victims
  • Those admitted with proper authorisation but who breach the terms of admission (e.g., by entering on student or tourist visas and then working)
  • Those admitted with authorisation to work, but who breach the terms of that authorisation (e.g., by changing their work or employer)
  • Those admitted with authorisation to work, but whose work permit is wrongfully cancelled by employers in a labour dispute
  • Those admitted with proper authorisation, but whose authorisation to stay has expired
  • Those admitted with authorisation to work but whose work authorisation has expired
  • Refugees in Sabah who were admitted for a temporary stay under the IMM13P (which must be renewed annually), but who fail to renew
  • Those possessing counterfeit or forged authorisation
  • Those possessing official authorisation which was obtained fraudulently

Illegal immigration to Malaysia
Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illegal_immigration_to_Malaysia

Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said among the 19,111 who were deported, 45 per cent were Indonesians.

The remaining include Bangladesh, Myanmar and other nationalities.

"The country with the highest number of undocumented migrants is Indonesia with 8,575 people, followed by Bangladesh (2,584), and Myanmar (1,890)," he said in a statement today.

19,000 Covid-free undocumented migrants sent back, says Ismail Sabri
Source : https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2020/07/607750/19000-covid-free-undocumented-migrants-sent-back-says-ismail-sabri


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